Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week by Week


Not much last week but have a baptism coming up on the 7th of march and hopefully get some this weekend from investigators who have been super sick and weren't able to do it last week. But we also put a another person on date as well and he is super excited. Not much trying to stay  busy and find investigators so we can build our teaching pool. sorry for a short email.
Elder Grissom
Mom Here:  I tried to ask a few more questions to find out more about what he is up to.
me: How are you really doing?
Preston: I am doing great has been busy week have a couple people on date for baptism it doesn't mean we are in the clear yet. I am studying this week more in alma and reading Jesus the Christ. My companion is great and I do have some pictures
Bryan: How is the ward/Bishop, and are you able to do service?
Preston: The bishop is brand new and is willing to cooperate with missionary work and is awesome! My companion is great we get along great. Always trying to serve we volunteer at bishops store house every other week.

Picture from Deer Lodge

Monday, February 9, 2015

Great Falls Wooooooooooo


Great falls Is an awesome area!!! and with every awesome area comes sort of down fall. Such as the constant wind and rain. I was super happy about that. Also the host we live with is super strict and old. But if you help her she leaves me alone so its all good. My new address is Po Box 36 Black Eagle MT 59414. I am still adjusting to the fact that this area has 50000 people while deer lodge had 3000.  So the population has increased a little bit. My new companion is Elder E. Graham. He is a very smart and doctrine knowledge missionary. I have to keep him from bible bashing. I will have pictures next week. I had to get the area email and all the pictures are on my ipad so I'll send those out next week. But that's all for now.

Elder Grissom

Elder Preston Grissom
PO Box 36
Black Eagle, MT 59411
So I asked him what he meant about his host being strict and his answer was:
The Host lady so we live with her and she is but I got over it just do what she asks and she leaves me alone.
(my boy is learning!!!!!)

So No Longer Deer Lodge


I am being transferred, but I will get to where at or close to the end of the email. I got sick last week. Yay!!! It sucked being sick as a missionary you cant do anything but sleep which I did but until you cant fall back asleep you end up reading the old testament. But I was in Quarantined for 4 days from Monday to Thursday. We weren't  able to do a lot in Deer Lodge. But we still worked really hard on the weekend and got the number of lessons we had set a goal for. But I am leaving deer lodge and going to wait for it...................legendary..... wait wrong wait for it ready its Great falls!!!!! I will be leaving and my new companion will be Elder Graham I know nothing about him so it will be fun! But I am looking forward to go out and see a new part of Montana and meet new people. The only bad thing is I have to pack all of my stuff. Packing sucks but I will get over it I hope every body is having a great and wonderful week if not remember I was stuck in an apartment with nothing to do but read the old testament so suck it up. Love you all!!!!!!

Elder Grissom
  Picture of the Missouri river on our way to Great Falls
 In deer lodge we found a broken bar so we did as any 19/20 year old would do.

Deer Lodge Woot! Woot!


Deer lodge is going great! I love it here and I love the people and the members. It has been a great week except I might be getting sick which stinks. Transfers are in the first week of February so I might move I might not. We are finding new people all over and its awesome. Sorry I am super tired and not feeling well so this wont be super long but next week I'll try but don't quote me on that. Elder Perez and I have traveled to Butte 4 times in the past week and we get to travel another 3 or 4 this week. Last Saturday we volunteered at a family fun day and managed the football stand. It is where you had to throw a football in a hole and it was pretty hard. Well that's about it hope every body has a great week love you all bye.
Elder Grissom
 Somewhere he found this hat!
Maybe from Elmer Fudd?

Elder Perez

Deer Lodge week 5 (I think)


It has been going by super fast we take it  day by day and its still had to realize a month has gone by. We have been busy. Elder Perez went on exchanges with the Anaconda elders so Elder C. Jones was here with me and I kinda got to be a senior companion. We also had a lady back up into Ruby (our Truck) and gave her a small scratch and the ladys fender popped out. SO i got on an accident on my mission!!!!!! Also we got to go inside a Masonic Temple and do service there. They are super weird but super interesting. I miss everybody and hope everything is alright. Those are the biggest things that happened over the week. Its hard to find people in deer lodge because they are all Catholics or Baptist or go to the Vineyard church which is a christian church out here. Also everybody thinks we are mean horrible people for some reason. Love you all!!!!!!!!

Elder Grissom

 Dinner of champions  
Christmas Sweater

Deer Lodge is Super Small


So this week in deer lodge Elder Pérez and I have been busy the first couple days, then had absolutely have nothing to do. We have been trying to manage our time so we would be always busy but it is hard when people are not willing to see a video about Christ. We have been working with 8 new investigators though so we are going to focus on them. But on the bright side I have found some pretty awesome ugly ties, and have been focused on a Christ like attribute which is knowledge. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the gospel and Jesus Christ. Also started reading Our Search for Happiness by Jeffery R Holland. Even if you aren't the most churchy person I challenge everybody to read it because it shows some great points on the gospel and is a book to help you understand. I miss and Love everybody I hope everybody is doing great. Its been hard to be away but I love it and know that it is only gonna be beneficial. so hope everybody has a great week.

Elder Grissom
 The Missionaries live on the property of this Saw Mill
All the uncut lumber
 Another view of the Saw Mill
 Deer Lodge Bakery
 Wide open spaces
 The church
 A little nippy outside!
Deer Lodge