Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not a Boring Day in the Life of a Missionary

July 6, 2015
Hello everybody from far and wide. Its time for the email from Elder Grissom. (so hold on to your socks). Anyway This past week was awesome! We got to meet president and sister Wadsworth last Friday out in Helena! That was such a spiritual experience. So after that we went with the Elders Serving in Roe River in great falls. While at their apartment I found a big box of ties and they let me keep them all! There were at least 40+ ties in that box. Then the next day we went and walked the 4th of July parade and handed out Pass along cards. There were some people who didn't really accept it but we handed out at least a 1000. Then today we went glacier today with Elder Howard and Elder Wilden from Shelby. They are the two with goats on there heads. Not much else to talk about. Love you all have a great week
Elder Grissom

President and Sister Wadsworth

Elder Howard and Elder Wilden from Shelby


4th of July Parade Great Falls, Montana


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