Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Another Week, Another Investigator

May 11, 2015

So this past week was really good! Vergal got baptized. We got jack in the box. Which is only in Idaho. None in Montana. We had a member bring it up from byu i for Vergal's baptism. Any way had a great mothers day. Was a great chance to speak to my mom and Heidi. Got to also talk to friends and grandparents who showed up during the Skype call. Anyway in the pictures are Elder page and I With Vergal. and another with us having jack in the box. The Bike is a Kawasaki Z1000 That a member let me sit on. Its a really cool bike. Also the Picture about families is true with my family. Not a lot happened this week Anyway Hope everybody has a great week. Love you all!!!!!!

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Anyway no crazy scripture this week sorry.

Elder Grissom

Glorious Jack In the Box!




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