Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weekly Email

March 30, 2015

Subject: Weekly Email!!!!

This past week has been fantastic. The new Easter Video has come out call Because HE Lives!!! Watch it on Lds . org and be inspired, it is a super strong message. I love the last three lines in it and am glad to be able to show people this uplifting video. My week has also been busy the Zone leaders have a third companion and while they go on exchanges he stays with us and we usually go in there area for set appointments so Friday we had no set appointments and spent all day I there area. Thursday we had a zone conference, It was about companionship with the lord and holy ghost. I felt edified and closer to the lord after that meeting. We are given rules to help us not to restrict us. It isn't always easy to be in companionship with them but when you strive and make your self willing and ready you will be blessed and comforted by it. I am so glad to be on a mission. I have seen the blessings for both my family and my self. Yeah sometimes it is super hard and sucks but the days were we get a lot done is so much rewarding! I miss everybody out there and love you all!!!! I hope everybody is going to have a great next week.

Elder Grissom

Selfies by Preston!!!


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