Monday, February 9, 2015

Great Falls Wooooooooooo


Great falls Is an awesome area!!! and with every awesome area comes sort of down fall. Such as the constant wind and rain. I was super happy about that. Also the host we live with is super strict and old. But if you help her she leaves me alone so its all good. My new address is Po Box 36 Black Eagle MT 59414. I am still adjusting to the fact that this area has 50000 people while deer lodge had 3000.  So the population has increased a little bit. My new companion is Elder E. Graham. He is a very smart and doctrine knowledge missionary. I have to keep him from bible bashing. I will have pictures next week. I had to get the area email and all the pictures are on my ipad so I'll send those out next week. But that's all for now.

Elder Grissom

Elder Preston Grissom
PO Box 36
Black Eagle, MT 59411
So I asked him what he meant about his host being strict and his answer was:
The Host lady so we live with her and she is but I got over it just do what she asks and she leaves me alone.
(my boy is learning!!!!!)


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