Monday, February 9, 2015

Deer Lodge week 5 (I think)


It has been going by super fast we take it  day by day and its still had to realize a month has gone by. We have been busy. Elder Perez went on exchanges with the Anaconda elders so Elder C. Jones was here with me and I kinda got to be a senior companion. We also had a lady back up into Ruby (our Truck) and gave her a small scratch and the ladys fender popped out. SO i got on an accident on my mission!!!!!! Also we got to go inside a Masonic Temple and do service there. They are super weird but super interesting. I miss everybody and hope everything is alright. Those are the biggest things that happened over the week. Its hard to find people in deer lodge because they are all Catholics or Baptist or go to the Vineyard church which is a christian church out here. Also everybody thinks we are mean horrible people for some reason. Love you all!!!!!!!!

Elder Grissom

 Dinner of champions  
Christmas Sweater


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