Sunday, December 7, 2014

Farewell Sunday

November 30, 2014

Its Farewell Day! Today Preston gave his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting. His talk became a group effort.  Preston wrote the beginning and 1st half of the middle. I cleaned up the first half and added to the middle.  Bryan finished the talk and added humor.  Preston called it "our last talk together!" He did well.  I can't wait to hear his talk at his homecoming.  I can't wait to hear how he has grown.

We were so blessed to have the Dawson Family and The Baker Family drive all the way to AZ to be here for his farewell. Aunt Irene Winterburn come from Phoenix. It meant a lot that they would come to support Preston.  We were also blessed to have a lot of friends come to support him. We are so blessed as a family!
 The Grissom-Greens
 Scott and Kids
 Aunt Irene and the Grissoms
 The Bakers (Colby, Stephanie, Baylee, Jax)
 The Dawsons (Rich, Michelle, Cody, Collin)
We are proud parents


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