Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quick trip to Vegas

On November 22, 2014 Preston and I drove to Las Vegas Nevada so he could take out his endowments in the Las Vegas Temple. He wanted his Grandpa Webster to be his escort. Because Grandpa lives in Utah, we decided to meet in the middle. We made it to Vegas in time to change and get back in the car and drive to the temple.  Arriving at 3 pm sharp. Aunt Michelle Dawson and Aunt Julie Ashworth drove down with Grandpa Webster from Cedar City.Cousin Judd and Brittney Whitney also drive down. Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Colby Baker were there from Vegas.

Sunday Morning we decided to drive to Cedar City (5 hours added to our trip) to see Grandma Webster who was not able to attend with us. Preston wanted to see her before he left.

I am grateful for that time that we got to spend together. I am also grateful for Bryan staying home to keep the house and kids.  Because of him I felt like we could spend that extra time traveling. It was a weekend I will treasure.


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