Monday, February 9, 2015

Deer Lodge is Super Small


So this week in deer lodge Elder PĂ©rez and I have been busy the first couple days, then had absolutely have nothing to do. We have been trying to manage our time so we would be always busy but it is hard when people are not willing to see a video about Christ. We have been working with 8 new investigators though so we are going to focus on them. But on the bright side I have found some pretty awesome ugly ties, and have been focused on a Christ like attribute which is knowledge. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the gospel and Jesus Christ. Also started reading Our Search for Happiness by Jeffery R Holland. Even if you aren't the most churchy person I challenge everybody to read it because it shows some great points on the gospel and is a book to help you understand. I miss and Love everybody I hope everybody is doing great. Its been hard to be away but I love it and know that it is only gonna be beneficial. so hope everybody has a great week.

Elder Grissom
 The Missionaries live on the property of this Saw Mill
All the uncut lumber
 Another view of the Saw Mill
 Deer Lodge Bakery
 Wide open spaces
 The church
 A little nippy outside!
Deer Lodge


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