Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week One of the MTC

His first email:

So my first week of the MTC or Missionary Training Center has been pretty hectic. There were so many new missionary's coming into the MTC. I got to meet my companion Elder Bird. He is one goofy funny awesome companion i am so glad we are both comps. My roommates include Elder Hatton and Elder Syrett as well as Elder Bird. We all get along great and are awesome together.
Elder Bird, Preston, Elder Syrett, Elder Hatton

Our schedule starts off at waking up at 6 am in the morning and still we barley make it to class at 7. But we are getting better as the days go on. then after that is usually breakfast. the food here is really good and its all you can eat so it also sucks because other than an hour of gym we sit around all day. Our teachers are Brother Gallo who was a missionary who served in Provo, Utah and then there is Brother Prewitt who serve Washington and Russia. They are both great teachers who really like us so we all get along great.

The first class we jumped straight into things and started to learn about the gospel. Then the next day we got a investigator and started to teach them. My companion and i were so lost for the first 5 minutes of the lesson but as we got more comfortable with the investigator who was named Nick the spirit helped guide us. We get to teach teach Nick about 5 times before we leave then we also get other investigators who we teach but are unknown to us right now. I miss everyone of you guys. It has been a hard week and a good one.

He did get a chance to see Elder Galvez who is from our ward who is headed for Samoa.


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