Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Big Day Has Arrived

Entering the MTC

Wednesday morning we put him on a plane to fly to Salt Lake City, UT so his Uncle Rick Webster and Aunt Jen could take him to MTC.

His father and Heidi came over early Wednesday morning to say goodbye. We had a final family prayer before we all loaded up.We had all planned on walking him into the airport and saying goodbye, but traffic had other ideas.  It took us and hour to get to the airport. We were able to pull up to the curb, get everyone out, check his luggage, give hugs, and away he went.

Lorin and Preston saying goodbye

He arrived safely and they whisked him away to Provo. They stopped for lunch at Chuckarama. Then did some window shopping at Sportsmans Warehouse. (Preston said it would help him prepare for the people of Montana)

I text Jen before the got to the MTC and told her I needed pictures.  She said the pulled into the parking lot, and were told they had three minutes. I am forever grateful that they are fast picture takers.

On the curb at the MTC

And he is off...........


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