Monday, February 9, 2015

So No Longer Deer Lodge


I am being transferred, but I will get to where at or close to the end of the email. I got sick last week. Yay!!! It sucked being sick as a missionary you cant do anything but sleep which I did but until you cant fall back asleep you end up reading the old testament. But I was in Quarantined for 4 days from Monday to Thursday. We weren't  able to do a lot in Deer Lodge. But we still worked really hard on the weekend and got the number of lessons we had set a goal for. But I am leaving deer lodge and going to wait for it...................legendary..... wait wrong wait for it ready its Great falls!!!!! I will be leaving and my new companion will be Elder Graham I know nothing about him so it will be fun! But I am looking forward to go out and see a new part of Montana and meet new people. The only bad thing is I have to pack all of my stuff. Packing sucks but I will get over it I hope every body is having a great and wonderful week if not remember I was stuck in an apartment with nothing to do but read the old testament so suck it up. Love you all!!!!!!

Elder Grissom
  Picture of the Missouri river on our way to Great Falls
 In deer lodge we found a broken bar so we did as any 19/20 year old would do.


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