Monday, February 9, 2015

Deer Lodge Woot! Woot!


Deer lodge is going great! I love it here and I love the people and the members. It has been a great week except I might be getting sick which stinks. Transfers are in the first week of February so I might move I might not. We are finding new people all over and its awesome. Sorry I am super tired and not feeling well so this wont be super long but next week I'll try but don't quote me on that. Elder Perez and I have traveled to Butte 4 times in the past week and we get to travel another 3 or 4 this week. Last Saturday we volunteered at a family fun day and managed the football stand. It is where you had to throw a football in a hole and it was pretty hard. Well that's about it hope every body has a great week love you all bye.
Elder Grissom
 Somewhere he found this hat!
Maybe from Elmer Fudd?

Elder Perez´╗┐


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