Monday, March 16, 2015

Awesome Week So Far!!!!!!

March 9, 2015

This past week we had one baptism and it was really great! This upcoming Saturday we have 6 more and I get to baptize one of them!! But on the other hand We had to go into a car share :( So we have been walking and my feet hurt. But to make it all better in the Montana Billings mission which is a caffeine free mission. I found Caffeine free MTN DEW!!! I love it and missed it so much. Next week is transfers as well! I missed All of you. I am super tired cause of daylight savings it is killing me! Also I am almost done reading the book of Mormon I cant wait to start it again.  Sorry I would right more but cant think of anything love you all Bye!!!!!!

Elder Grissom
 This was his first baptism. I had to ask who performed the baptism and confirmation. His answer: "Her husband and her father in law did both of those we were just there
to support her"
                            A thought from a Mormon message that Preston found and sent home.

       Preston is in Heaven.  Caffeine free Diet Mtn Dew!!! His mission is a caffeine free mission so adjusting to that was super hard for him!!!  Look! Miracles do happen!!
A picture of the Billings Montana Mission


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