Monday, March 16, 2015


March 16, 2015

Hey yo! I am stuck in the city of Great falls for yet another
transfer! I love it here and am super excited to be here to continue
with the work! I had my first baptism Saturday! I had to do it three
times cause I messed up but it was a good learning experience! Anyway
My new companion is named Elder Page and he is gong to be the new
district leader. We also now cover 5th ward as well. It makes our area
a lot bigger but I am ready for it! Elder graham is going to Cody
Wyoming. It has been super nice here for the past week and a half then
today it started raining/snowing again :( I am not to happy about it
but it's gong to be a little cooler so I don't mind. Anyway I got some
pictures for everybody!!!!!


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