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April 20, 2015

Hey everybody how's it going? This past week was fun and exciting! We had Friday night a Steak dinner at a restaurant  called Jakers and had a pretty expensive steak! It was really good and I Loved it! The on Saturday we Ate Sushi which for Montana Was Bomb!!! I forgot how good sushi was. Then we also got to hear from hank smith. He is an inspirational speaker that speaks all over. He is like john bythway and Brad Willcox. But he spoke about building an unshakeable testimony. It was really good and I learned a lot. These pictures at the bottom are Elder Page and I and Hank Smith, Then Elder page and I in the car on a snowy rainy day, then the last I did my hair and took a selfie with my new tie Elder Barney had given me. I have started doing my hair which is a first and is scary. but you got to look good as a missionary. HAhahah anyway Vergal's baptism is being moved from the 25th because of family attendance but he is so close and so ready. I have seen this kids gospel understanding grow and bloom and it has made my testimony grow as well! I am super excited for this kid and cant wait to see him in a couple years. Anyway I hope everybody has a Great and Wonder Full week!
Love you all!!

Scripture of the week!!!!

 12 ¬∂And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord: and the Lord strengthened Eglon the king of Moab against Israel, because they had done evil in the sight of the Lord.
 13 And he gathered unto him the children of Ammon and Amalek, and went and smote Israel, and possessed the city of palm trees.
 14 So the children of Israel served Eglon the king of Moab eighteen years.
 15 But when the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, the Lord raised them up a deliverer, Ehud the son of Gera, a Benjamite, a man lefthanded: and by him the children of Israel sent a present unto Eglon the king of Moab.
 16 But Ehud made him a dagger which had two edges, of a cubit length; and he did gird it under his raiment upon his right thigh.
 17 And he brought the present unto Eglon king of Moab: and Eglon was a very fat man.
 18 And when he had made an end to offer the present, he sent away the people that bare the present.
 19 But he himself turned again from the quarries that were by Gilgal, and said, I have a secret errand unto thee, O king: who said, Keep silence. And all that stood by him went out from him.
 20 And Ehud came unto him; and he was sitting in a summer parlour, which he had for himself alone. And Ehud said, I have a message from God unto thee. And he arose out of his seat.
 21 And Ehud put forth his left hand, and took the dagger from his right thigh, and thrust it into his belly:
 22 And the haft also went in after the blade; and the fat closed upon the blade, so that he could not draw the dagger out of his belly; and the dirt came out.
 23 Then Ehud went forth through the porch, and shut the doors of the parlour upon him, and locked them.
 24 When he was gone out, his servants came; and when they saw that, behold, the doors of the parlour were locked, they said, Surely he covereth his feet in his summer chamber.
 25 And they tarried till they were ashamed: and, behold, he opened not the doors of the parlour; therefore they took a key, and opened them: and, behold, their lord was fallen down dead on the earth.
 26 And Ehud escaped while they tarried, and passed beyond the quarries, and escaped unto Seirath.
 27 And it came to pass, when he was come, that he blew a trumpet in the mountain of Ephraim, and the children of Israel went down with him from the mount, and he before them.
 28 And he said unto them, Follow after me: for the Lord hath delivered your enemies the Moabites into your hand. And they went down after him, and took the fords of Jordan toward Moab, and suffered not a man to pass over.

Thought this was pretty funny!!

But for realz
Mosiah2:17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

Elder Grissom
The Elders with Hank Smith

Sporting the new do


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