Monday, June 8, 2015

Easter and Conference

April 6, 2015

So Easter was awesome and so was conference!!! I had a blast watching conference. You wouldn't have heard me say that about 7 months ago. But the mission has change my perspective on the gospel and I am so happy for it and what it has done for me. Anyway For Easter dinner we went to the Jensen's house a family in Great Falls 5th ward. They had a whole bunch of birds!! they were everywhere. I will send them later we aren't getting a lot of time in the library to many people here.  Anyway for all of those people out there that haven't watched the Because He Lives video yet. GO WATCH IT!!!! It is amazing and inspiring on what our savior has done for us! Anyway  keeping it short Hope everybody had a great Easter and will have a great week.

Love yOu all

Elder Grissom

I asked him about conference.
My week has been good. Elder Page's grandma passed away so it was hard to help him cope but we are getting through it. For Easter we went to the Baileys for the first session and ate lunch and breakfast then for dinner and the second session we ate at the Jensen's a less active family in 5th ward and they have a ton of birds. So we played yahtzee and some other dice games but had a blast will send pictures in a bit.
 At the Bailey's House

All sorts of animals at the Jensen's House!


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