Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I need your Help!

Justin started Football and was having a hard time. I felt like I should ask Preston for some help.

August 14,2015

Hey bud! I am going to ask a favor.  Justin is really struggling with football.  It's more mental then physical.  He does great most of practice but when it gets hard he gives up. And most days before Practice he tries to find a way out of going.  
Maybe you could write him (email to me or paper) and tell him how you got through it or some insight or how to be positive.  He missed you and your advice would mean the world to him! He can't be quitting mentally when it gets hard.  He needs to stop the negative self talk. 
His Response

I didn't know if you wanted it today but I figured once wouldn't hurt love you! ‏
Dear Justin
How has everything been? I has been awhile since you've emailed me.
Anyway I heard you started football. Heck yea at least you got an
early start so you'll know some of what you are doing before you get
into high school. Hey you are also getting a work out. Hey I am
loosing weight so maybe you won't be as big as I once was. Anyway I
hear you've been struggling on going. Hey when things get tough the
tough get going. I know you got this and I wish I could be there. But
if you think about I will be there for you soon enough. You got this
and don't give up. It's only hard for a bit then it flies by cause your
having so much fun.

Remember not all fun things are going to be easy. My mission has been
a big test. It isn't easy being out here but I know that I will be
blessed for working hard. If you keep working hard you'll find it
easier and more enjoyable. Anyway have a great week and email me you
weenie. Even if it is just a paragraph. There is a computer at both
houses and don't tell me you don't have an email.

Love you a bunch

Elder Grissom

You got this!
My thanks!

I'm so sorry you broke the email rule, but I need to tell you what a tender mercy you are! I had Justin read it on the way to practice.  He was so excited.  He even got a little misty eyed.  He was on fire during practice.  He was laughing when he came off the field.  In the car I asked him how he felt about the practice. He said it was good.  The coach even complemented him.  I asked what changed? He said if Preston can do it so can I.  My heart! I am thankful to you my son.  My heart overflows.  Love you! 

Justin in the Center


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