Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Indian Days!!! Brownings Pow Wow

July 17, 2015

This Past Thursday through Saturday My companion and I were able to have a booth set up at Brownings Pow Wow. It was a great event to spread the gospel. We handed out free popsicles and pamphlets. We were there all day basically and it was tiring but it was a lot of seeds planted. That was most of our week. We got to watch a lot of the dances from the Black Feet Indians and many other tribes from around the nation. Also the fry bread was super good. I had  frybread burger and it was bomb. There are some pictures of our booth down below. Also the painting is of Samuel the Lamanite and a member of the Browning Branch painted it so we could display it during Indian Days. I hope everybody has a great week and Next week are transfers. I feel that as I am out more we get transfer calls sooner and sooner. Time flies when you work though. Love you all!!!

Elder Grissom

 These are from a missionary training in Great Falls, Montana.  Margaret Martell was kind enough to take and post these on the Montana Missionary mama site for us! (around July 7th)


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