Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8 Month Mark!!! Time Flies!!!!!

August 3, 2015

Hello everybody!!! This past week was pretty good. I got a little sunburnt out in Browning when it was 97 degrees. I thought I was in Montana. The cool and nice weather, but nope I get the arizona weather. People lied when they said I would have to get use to colder weather. hahaha.

Anyway we had interviews with our mission president this past saturday. So we got to go to Great Falls!  The interview went really well and I feel more comfortable working with President Wadsworth knowing him a little more.  I am excited for where he will take this mission. Anway our people out in Browning are awesome kind of. They are super spiritual and always ready to listen to a message we have to share but they dont do anything with that message. We are working on that though. 

I am super excited to be a Missionary! I have hit my 8 month mark and time is flying. Now when I do my studies I get more clarity and more of the teachings out of the scriptures and preach my gospel! I am glad to have all these missionary tools available to us. 

Sorry dont have much to say this email and I am slacking cause I dont have any pictures but I will work on that!
Love you all have a great Week!
Elder Grissom


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