Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Week of all Weeks

August 24, 2015

This past week was pretty spiritually awesome! Friday we had Elder
Martino  from the 70 come and talk to us. A lot of what he said went
over my head but what I did understand was some stuff I needed to
hear.  But transfers are next week. If I stay I will be in Cut Bank
what to long but if I need to stay that's what the lord wants for me.
But we stayed the night Thursday and Friday night in fair field with
those elders. It was a good time to relax. But I don't have a lot for
this week but I do have some pictures!
The first the best store ever Ross! Which is the first time I've been
since like forever.
Second is the crew at Dairy Queen! Love you all bye

Japanese symbol for beginnerJapanese symbol for beginnerElder GrissomJapanese symbol for beginnerJapanese symbol for beginner

I asked him what spiritual experiences did he have

Heavenly Father is always there to help us. I have felt a little bummed about our area cause it was productive but right now is the deadest ever and it will be like for another 2 weeks until school starts. But I enjoyed it and he talked a lot about the atonement which is always a fascinating subject to learn about.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oh Hail NO!

August 17, 2015

So this past week was pretty Awesome!! We were able to put 2 people on date out in browning! We have had several rain storms not that bad though but has made the temperature nice. Best sleep I have had for awhile due to the cold temperature. Anyway here is a video of it hailing. It hailed for like 10 minutes then rainier for a couple hours then was nice and sunny again. Cut Bank weather doesn't even make sense. Anyway have a good amount of pictures to send but will send in a Different email. Love you all have a Great Week

Japanese symbol for beginnerJapanese symbol for beginnerElder GrissomJapanese symbol for beginnerJapanese symbol for beginner

So first of the person we rent with gave me an old trumpet and said if I was willing to fix it I could have it! So Now I have a new project to do! Also I got to cook burgers for a member family. The burgers were pretty good if I do say so my self. The. Elder
Masauo kept getting in the way of the sunlight through the cloud picture,


They went to Shelby and met the Fairfield Elders and played basketball and cards.  I asked him to send a picture so I could sent it to Elder Howard's Mom.

I need your Help!

Justin started Football and was having a hard time. I felt like I should ask Preston for some help.

August 14,2015

Hey bud! I am going to ask a favor.  Justin is really struggling with football.  It's more mental then physical.  He does great most of practice but when it gets hard he gives up. And most days before Practice he tries to find a way out of going.  
Maybe you could write him (email to me or paper) and tell him how you got through it or some insight or how to be positive.  He missed you and your advice would mean the world to him! He can't be quitting mentally when it gets hard.  He needs to stop the negative self talk. 
His Response

I didn't know if you wanted it today but I figured once wouldn't hurt love you! ‏
Dear Justin
How has everything been? I has been awhile since you've emailed me.
Anyway I heard you started football. Heck yea at least you got an
early start so you'll know some of what you are doing before you get
into high school. Hey you are also getting a work out. Hey I am
loosing weight so maybe you won't be as big as I once was. Anyway I
hear you've been struggling on going. Hey when things get tough the
tough get going. I know you got this and I wish I could be there. But
if you think about I will be there for you soon enough. You got this
and don't give up. It's only hard for a bit then it flies by cause your
having so much fun.

Remember not all fun things are going to be easy. My mission has been
a big test. It isn't easy being out here but I know that I will be
blessed for working hard. If you keep working hard you'll find it
easier and more enjoyable. Anyway have a great week and email me you
weenie. Even if it is just a paragraph. There is a computer at both
houses and don't tell me you don't have an email.

Love you a bunch

Elder Grissom

You got this!
My thanks!

I'm so sorry you broke the email rule, but I need to tell you what a tender mercy you are! I had Justin read it on the way to practice.  He was so excited.  He even got a little misty eyed.  He was on fire during practice.  He was laughing when he came off the field.  In the car I asked him how he felt about the practice. He said it was good.  The coach even complemented him.  I asked what changed? He said if Preston can do it so can I.  My heart! I am thankful to you my son.  My heart overflows.  Love you! 

Justin in the Center

Road Trip!

August 10, 2015

So this week was pretty fun! Elder Howard from the Fairfield area came on exchanges with me. We went up to Babb to see if there was any work up there and around it. There wasnt. Anyway we did find some random people they took the message aight. But for Dinner we went to a Mexican place in East Glacier called Serranos. It was super bomb but not as good as Arizona mexican food. the real stuff. Anyway Saturday we found a women who was on date in Wolfpoint Mt. She said she was still interested in being baptised so Whooo. We are super stoked to work with her. Then Thats about our week. This time I got pictures though! Elder Masauo got a picture of me showing a video to some random lady we found while tracking
Elder Grissom
An Excerpt from Elder Howard's email home:
"And then, exchange time! We began by all heading off to Subway together and ending up with a free meal because some member from Utah decided to pay for us. Elder Mills and Elder Masauo went off to Conrad after that, which made Elder Masauo pretty happy because it was his first area when he came out. They had a lot of fun going around there while Elder Grissom and I went off to Browning. We searched for less actives with a GPS, because that's what is needed sometimes in Browning, and decided to go to a Mexican place near Glacier. It was kind of pricy, but it tasted great. Plus, a random member from Alberta decided to pay for us there, too. Free meals all day? I'm alright with that. We got to visit Brother Cyphers that evening, a less active guy who's coming back to activity. It was nice to have a day where I didn't have to plan it all out. The next morning at noon, we went to Conrad to exchange back and had A&Ws for lunch. I forgot how good that place was. And, for the rest of the day, not much happened."
I wanted to know what Babb looked like

Up by the Canadian border


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8 Month Mark!!! Time Flies!!!!!

August 3, 2015

Hello everybody!!! This past week was pretty good. I got a little sunburnt out in Browning when it was 97 degrees. I thought I was in Montana. The cool and nice weather, but nope I get the arizona weather. People lied when they said I would have to get use to colder weather. hahaha.

Anyway we had interviews with our mission president this past saturday. So we got to go to Great Falls!  The interview went really well and I feel more comfortable working with President Wadsworth knowing him a little more.  I am excited for where he will take this mission. Anway our people out in Browning are awesome kind of. They are super spiritual and always ready to listen to a message we have to share but they dont do anything with that message. We are working on that though. 

I am super excited to be a Missionary! I have hit my 8 month mark and time is flying. Now when I do my studies I get more clarity and more of the teachings out of the scriptures and preach my gospel! I am glad to have all these missionary tools available to us. 

Sorry dont have much to say this email and I am slacking cause I dont have any pictures but I will work on that!
Love you all have a great Week!
Elder Grissom

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life Skills

July 27, 2015

This week was a pretty good week filled with learning experiences and growth and Cleaning!!!. So I have learned and have grown my testimony on the book of Mormon and the guidance it brings into my life. But Overall we had a good teaching week just sorting through our list of investigators thats longer than the 2010 census in china! But we have found a lot of people arent as intrested as they were when they were found. But that helps us find the people that are prepared. But Saturday Elder Masauo wasnt feeling to good and I got bored being in the apartment all day so I deep Cleaned that place just like my MOMMA taught me. I hate to admit when she was right over cleaning and such but shes my mom and MOMS are never Wrong. Anyway Shout out to mom for teaching me life skills!!! Our apartment is filled with the spirirt more now that it is clean. We have been having struggles on getting people to show up for Church. But we will still help people. This week is filled with helping people move!!! Our branch president is moving out but we have a family moving in there not all that active (yet) But we will get them there. President Wood has been a great Branch president and we are all going to miss him.  But no Matter what the work must go on. I am looking forward to hearing how every bodys week has been and  Love you All

I almost forgot the scripture of the week.

This scripture I found and it relates to not only me but all the other tall Elders on missions who have the same stuggle as I about finding a bed where our feet dont hang off. But Isaiah has seen our struggle.

20 For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it: and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.
Picture Time!!!!

So I have No Clue what order these are in But lets start from the best! A member whose daughter who was moving had Chinchillas!!! There were a whole bunch of Corvettes out side this house. Elder Masauo and I At rainbow trout last Monday evening. With Blue Jello!
Elder Grissom

All Corvettes parked at this house

Rainbow Trout

Blue Jello


July 20, 2015

Subject: Transfers

I am super sorry to let you all know I will not be taking part of transfers right now. Elder Masauo and I will be staying in Cutbank. I am excited to stay because it will be my longest area and my longest companion. It will be exciting to see what we can do with this area. Sorry not a lot happened last week but love you all and write me back please!!!

Elder Grissom

A little from my letter:

Me: How was your week really?

Him:  Your week sounds awesome we got sick like 5 times so wasn't the most productive week and then we found out we are both staying in Cutbank.

Me: How is exercising going?

Him:  Pretty good cut a chunk off my belt so it would hold my pants up. 

Me: Do you need a new belt?

Him: Naw, I have another one if this doesn't work!