Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oh Hail NO!

August 17, 2015

So this past week was pretty Awesome!! We were able to put 2 people on date out in browning! We have had several rain storms not that bad though but has made the temperature nice. Best sleep I have had for awhile due to the cold temperature. Anyway here is a video of it hailing. It hailed for like 10 minutes then rainier for a couple hours then was nice and sunny again. Cut Bank weather doesn't even make sense. Anyway have a good amount of pictures to send but will send in a Different email. Love you all have a Great Week

Japanese symbol for beginnerJapanese symbol for beginnerElder GrissomJapanese symbol for beginnerJapanese symbol for beginner

So first of the person we rent with gave me an old trumpet and said if I was willing to fix it I could have it! So Now I have a new project to do! Also I got to cook burgers for a member family. The burgers were pretty good if I do say so my self. The. Elder
Masauo kept getting in the way of the sunlight through the cloud picture,


They went to Shelby and met the Fairfield Elders and played basketball and cards.  I asked him to send a picture so I could sent it to Elder Howard's Mom.


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