Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week Two of the MTC

His email.....

This past week has been amazing there have been so many spiritual opportunities I have taken advantage of. The tuesday night devotional we had a guest singer Lexi walker who is 12 and sings like a professional singer. It was amazing the spirit filled the room on the first note. Also Elder Hatton and Elder Mathis who are both going to Montana weren't feeling good so we gave both of them a blessing.  It was a great experience even though I didn't bless them. Then after Tuesday the rest of the week is a blur and I don't have my journal with me but Sunday was probably the best day at the mtc.  Every where I walked I felt the spirit and it was truly amazing. Then later that night our devotional which was the BYU Mens Choir sung to us. Which was amazing as well.  I was able to give my first blessing to Sister Stringfellow from my district. I leave to Montana tomorrow and will be there around noon. Also found a a scripture while doing my studying. 
2 kings 2:23-24
23¬∂And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city,and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.
 24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LordAnd there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two  children 
When I am out on the field I will do more inspiring scriptures but I found this one entertaining so enjoy.
Elder Grissom

His district

They get to walk to the Provo temple

Its snowing at the MTC

Week One of the MTC

His first email:

So my first week of the MTC or Missionary Training Center has been pretty hectic. There were so many new missionary's coming into the MTC. I got to meet my companion Elder Bird. He is one goofy funny awesome companion i am so glad we are both comps. My roommates include Elder Hatton and Elder Syrett as well as Elder Bird. We all get along great and are awesome together.
Elder Bird, Preston, Elder Syrett, Elder Hatton

Our schedule starts off at waking up at 6 am in the morning and still we barley make it to class at 7. But we are getting better as the days go on. then after that is usually breakfast. the food here is really good and its all you can eat so it also sucks because other than an hour of gym we sit around all day. Our teachers are Brother Gallo who was a missionary who served in Provo, Utah and then there is Brother Prewitt who serve Washington and Russia. They are both great teachers who really like us so we all get along great.

The first class we jumped straight into things and started to learn about the gospel. Then the next day we got a investigator and started to teach them. My companion and i were so lost for the first 5 minutes of the lesson but as we got more comfortable with the investigator who was named Nick the spirit helped guide us. We get to teach teach Nick about 5 times before we leave then we also get other investigators who we teach but are unknown to us right now. I miss everyone of you guys. It has been a hard week and a good one.

He did get a chance to see Elder Galvez who is from our ward who is headed for Samoa.

The Big Day Has Arrived

Entering the MTC

Wednesday morning we put him on a plane to fly to Salt Lake City, UT so his Uncle Rick Webster and Aunt Jen could take him to MTC.

His father and Heidi came over early Wednesday morning to say goodbye. We had a final family prayer before we all loaded up.We had all planned on walking him into the airport and saying goodbye, but traffic had other ideas.  It took us and hour to get to the airport. We were able to pull up to the curb, get everyone out, check his luggage, give hugs, and away he went.

Lorin and Preston saying goodbye

He arrived safely and they whisked him away to Provo. They stopped for lunch at Chuckarama. Then did some window shopping at Sportsmans Warehouse. (Preston said it would help him prepare for the people of Montana)

I text Jen before the got to the MTC and told her I needed pictures.  She said the pulled into the parking lot, and were told they had three minutes. I am forever grateful that they are fast picture takers.

On the curb at the MTC

And he is off...........

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Farewell Sunday

November 30, 2014

Its Farewell Day! Today Preston gave his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting. His talk became a group effort.  Preston wrote the beginning and 1st half of the middle. I cleaned up the first half and added to the middle.  Bryan finished the talk and added humor.  Preston called it "our last talk together!" He did well.  I can't wait to hear his talk at his homecoming.  I can't wait to hear how he has grown.

We were so blessed to have the Dawson Family and The Baker Family drive all the way to AZ to be here for his farewell. Aunt Irene Winterburn come from Phoenix. It meant a lot that they would come to support Preston.  We were also blessed to have a lot of friends come to support him. We are so blessed as a family!
 The Grissom-Greens
 Scott and Kids
 Aunt Irene and the Grissoms
 The Bakers (Colby, Stephanie, Baylee, Jax)
 The Dawsons (Rich, Michelle, Cody, Collin)
We are proud parents

Quick trip to Vegas

On November 22, 2014 Preston and I drove to Las Vegas Nevada so he could take out his endowments in the Las Vegas Temple. He wanted his Grandpa Webster to be his escort. Because Grandpa lives in Utah, we decided to meet in the middle. We made it to Vegas in time to change and get back in the car and drive to the temple.  Arriving at 3 pm sharp. Aunt Michelle Dawson and Aunt Julie Ashworth drove down with Grandpa Webster from Cedar City.Cousin Judd and Brittney Whitney also drive down. Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Colby Baker were there from Vegas.

Sunday Morning we decided to drive to Cedar City (5 hours added to our trip) to see Grandma Webster who was not able to attend with us. Preston wanted to see her before he left.

I am grateful for that time that we got to spend together. I am also grateful for Bryan staying home to keep the house and kids.  Because of him I felt like we could spend that extra time traveling. It was a weekend I will treasure.