Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 5


So this past week has been Great! Elder Perez and i have been trying our hardest to get through the holiday no one was home. Also during the week I went on exchanges to Butte for a day or two. The lowest here was -30 and it sucked! But it hasn't been as bad and I got some awesome boots from My cousin Judd and they are the best! My body stays mostley warm except for my fingers but hand warmers helped alot. I will send some pictures in a bit so every body can see a little of Deer Lodge. But I am so glad I came out on my mission. It has been the best thing ever. My testimony has grown so much and my love for the gospel. Also saturday we went tracting for 6 hours in a trailer park. We found 8 new investigators and 2 less actives so hopefully we can stay busy with them. Thank everybody for the support and letters it has meant a lot. 

Elder Grissom

week 4 Christmas in Montana


This past week has been productive and hard at the same time. Elder Perez and I have been trying our hardest to keep teaching lessons and finding new investigators. It being the Christmas time and all has been hard but we have push through it and done our best. I am learning a lot from him and we work well together. Christmas eve our dinner canceled cause of a snow storm in Alliston where they live which is on the way to Helena through the mountains.  We ended up buying Pizza and chicken and French fries and watched the Testament, On the Lords errand by President Monson and my favorite Mr Kruger's Christmas. Then Christmas we spent it with Bishop Spears and his family. I am out of time so I'll send more next week love you all and hope you had great holidays.

Elder Grissom

Preston got to face time with both Houses on Christmas Day. It was a wonderful time.  He was having a wonderful Christmas Day! I did good and only cried when we had to end the call.  So very proud of him.

Week Three Deer Lodge

Dear Parents: 

We are excited to welcome Elder Grissom  to the Montana Billings Mission!     We marvel at the faith, testimony, and courage of these wonderful arriving missionaries and come to love them as our own sons and daughters.  Our mission theme this year is “Be Believing.”  They have already exercised their belief and faith to come into the mission field.  Join with us in this year of believing.

 Temple Group:
Fr:  Guthrie, Zanin, Story, Mooth, Abney, Sister & President Mecham
Bk:  Bird, Hatton, McKenzie, Syrett, Hansen, Grissom, Mathis

So transfers went in and I am in Deer Lodge Montana. It is a super small town and I love it here. My companion is Elder Perez. He is from Mexico and Austin Texas. Well we are working hard but because of transfers it has been hard to start up but we are gonna hit the ground running tomorrow. Today we have zone preparation day. Well not much to say but I am having a blast! Our apartment is in a saw mill. The guy who owns the mill is a member so he lets us stay there. I have a new address as well 

PO Box 284 deer Lodge Montana 59722

Elder Grissom